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A small story of Max:

Once upon a time, there was an elderly woman named Mary who lived alone with her beloved dog, Max. Max was a faithful companion who never left Mary's side, especially since she had lost her husband a few years ago. They would spend their days sipping tea on the porch and enjoying each other's company.

One day, Mary was preparing her afternoon tea when she realized she was out of sugar. She asked Max to stay on the porch while she went to the store to buy more. Max, being his loyal dog, waited patiently for her return.

While Mary was at the store, a fierce storm rolled in. The wind howled, and the rain poured in sheets, making it difficult for Mary to see the road. She was worried about Max, who was still waiting for her on the porch.

When Mary finally made it home, she was relieved to see Max sitting on the porch, still soaked and shivering. She quickly brought him inside, dried him off, and made him a warm bed by the fire.

As Mary prepared her tea, she couldn't help but smile at Max's loyalty. She added an extra spoonful of sugar to her tea as a small treat for herself and gave Max a dog biscuit as a reward for being such a good boy.

From that day on, Mary and Max enjoyed their afternoon tea together, no matter the weather. They knew they could weather any storm as long as they had each other

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